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Pam's All-New Accident
[Posted 18 October 2002] As if the 1998 Florida accident wasn't bad enough, yet another young male crashed into my car Monday (October 14th). Thanks to a chiropractic adjustment today, I'm finally feeling a little better, and can actually stand being on the computer for a few minutes at a time. So I thought I'd post photos of the accident for everyone to enjoy! The police took a while to get to the scene, so I had time to collect myself & remember to take a few pictures. As with most of my pages, these pictures take a while to load for dial-in users, because I wanted to maintain a minimum of quality (avoid blurry or jagged lines).

The offending car and its tire tracks

The driver of the darker-colored Hyundai decided to wait until I'd almost reached the intersection (bright sunny day, green light), and then pull out in front of me turning left. He told police that the light was yellow, trying to partially blame me, but fortunately the driver of the car behind him stopped to tell police that the light had just turned green when the other driver started to turn left. Later the other driver's parents showed up, so I assume he was trying to protect them from liability, or himself from their wrath. (So typical of certain people these days, thinking nothing of lying to stay out of trouble, no matter who they hurt.) The offending car and its insurance policy both turned out to be his parents'.

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